LWP TCP/IP Protocol Stack: CU-SeeMe problems...

John Frotz Faatuai (JOHN_FROTZ_FAATUAI@novell.com)
Mon, 02 Oct 1995 22:49:16 -0400

This was forwarded to me by one of our (former) Novell/KK engineers who now works
for Novell, Inc. This engineer originally put a task on my to-do list, but it is unfortunately
still there. Currently, this engineer does not have ownership over the TCP/IP stack to
make the fix. As I work with the TCP/IP protocol stack team on a near daily basis, I know
that they are not working on this issue.

Your options are as follows:

[1] Send me the details of the problem with CU-SeeMe so that I can reproduce
the problem in-house. This includes a URL so that I can get the software and
any other problems that will minimize my time (or the time of another backline
support engineer) in reproducing the problem and getting the environment into
the maintenance team's hands.

[2] Open a Technical Support call and do Step #1 (but send the data to the
front-line support engineer).

Risk / Benefit analysis:

Do #1 if you don't need an solution anytime soon.

Do #2 if you are willing to work with Technical Support and have Technical
Support work with the maintenance team. Currently there are a number of
issues ahead of this one (and this one won't become an issue until it is
verifiable, or reproducible by a backline support engineer). Be sure to get
an SPD (bug) number for tracking.

Frotz@novell.com (preferred)
LAN WorkPlace Product Support Champion
San Jose, CA

>>> <hockd@stricom.army.mil > 951002.1432 >>> I have been assigned the responsibility of getting CU-SeeMe up and running for the command that I support. That command happens to be Simulation TRaining and Instrumentation COMmand (STRICOM) which is a division of the Army. I understand that the problem with the LAN WorkPlace for DOS is known by the developers, but I do not know how to find out if it is going to be corrected. I have been reading through the web pages and have not come across a solution to this problem. Will this problem be resolved? If yes, then when can I expect it. Thanks Doug Hock (407) 249-3187 hockd@stricom.army.mil