Re: Adult Content

Juanda Ismail (
Tue, 3 Oct 1995 18:25:49 +1000

Would it be possible to simply close the window of any un-desirable
transmission ?

>Some reflectors allow 'Adult' material to be transmitted over them, which
>is fine. However, with the way the press and the general public feels about
>'porn on the internet' these days I wonder if it might not be time to add
>some sort of parental control to the CU software.

>Any reflector that allows adult material could have a flag set
>in its configuration file that would initiate the confirmation with the
>connecting client.
>I feel that doing something like this pro-actively might save some headaches
>down the road, as well as furthering the goal of being 'internet friendly'.
>Just one persons opinion.
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