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Juanda Ismail (
Tue, 3 Oct 1995 18:45:56 +1000

It's difficult to get sound through the modem. Our school in Melbourne
Australia have done trials using a 14.4K, 28.8K and an ISDN off the Monash
University backbone, with schools in Singapore. Even off the backbone, the
sound was audible, but poor.

Image quality however was fantastic through the 28.8K, however the refresh
rate was very slow. We found that the best rate of transmission was at or
below the speed of the modem..... anything faster, and all we got was the
"CU-Seeme for Windows" title window... no image was seen until a very long time.

For those interested, the images have been captured at the following URLs;

The last picture on this page was through a 28.8K modem.(Window title
"Mag-Net@Royal") The other pictures are from the University's network

At this location, , there is a captured
image of the transmission through a 14.4K modem. The window entitled "Peter
Lalor SC" was through the modem... the others were directly from the network.

Our contacts in Singapore have also captured the images at;

All of the windows entitled "PLSC" or Peter Lalor SC were through a 14.4K modem.

Hope this is helpful.



>I am running cuseeme 0.70 on a PC enviroment <two infact,
>Windows 95 and Windows NT 3.51>. Now it runs and works fine,
>but I dont get sound.
>I am running a SB16, if I click about, I hear the door opening.
>I am connecting primarily to NASA select, I get images but no
>Any idea's ?.
>Thank you,
>David Cottle
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