CU-SeeMe & Windows

Squire (
Tue, 3 Oct 1995 04:54:55 -0700

I hope one or all can help me here. I've just recently installed the
CUSM software on my system and am trying to understand some of finer

For background, my system is a 486/25, 8M Ram, 28.8, SBPro, native
video board (for now), and using a TCP/IP connection.

Now, I can get online and start CUSM with no problem. From there
things get a little fuzzy. As I understand it, I'm restricted to
160x120 video until I upgrade my video board. I can bring up the
video, audio, and participants windows, but not all at the same time -
is there something I'm overlooking or is this a problem? Another
question, I upgraded my modem to 28.8 after reading that CUSM performs
'badly' with a 14.4, and have just read in another message that you
don't get 'decent' audio with anything less than 115K - is this
possible (or even practical) on anything but a commercial basis?

Having given a brief intro, here are the points that I would like help

#1. Video: I want to increase my window size to 320x240. What should I
be looking for in the way of a video board (a primary point I would be
looking at would be a board that would be compatible with CUSM *and*
other software).

#2. Windows: I would like to be able to display (at the very least) the
video and audio windows at the same time, and the participants window
as needed rather than having to switch between the three windows one at
a time.

#3. Audio: Will 28.8 adequately support video-associated audio, or will
the occasional breaks in the audio transmission have to be tolerated?

TIA to any help offered to this self-confessed CUSM newbie