Finding the right host name-address?

T.Gregor (
Tue, 3 Oct 1995 06:52:44 -0700

Hello All;

As a new subscriber to this group I've developed a question regarding
the proper set-up of CU-Seeme . . .

Regarding the host address flie - If my interpretation is correct, this
file must reflect a fixed/permanent IP address as opposed to what the
majority of users utilize today, which is a net connection through a
service provider, offering a SLIP/PPP connection with dynamic IP
addressing, where the address changes *EVERY TIME* you log in.

I've attempted to connect to all the offered reflector(s) - but to no
avail . . . the message is the same every time > Host Does not answer.
And so I ask you . . . will the software in question function with
dynamic addressing? Or is this for the relatively few with access to a
dedicated server on a hard wire connection?

Thank You

Tom G. Sr.

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