Re: CU-SEEME-L digest 567

Harold C. Lyon Jr. (Harold.C.Lyon.Jr@Dartmouth.EDU)
03 Oct 95 13:48:52 EDT

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When I plug a video camera into the 840's AV video in I get the
video window with a good picture for a split second. Then I get the
SPBOpenDeviceFaild err=-227
Is the Radius board a problem? Or should I use it instead of the
AV's video in?

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Though your Radius Board may provide higher res (millions of collors) , I have
found (with my Raster Ops bd) that CU can't tolerate two boards at the same
time. I recommend using only the built in AV board (which is limited to
thousands of colors -- all you need for CU). Mine works flawlessly with my
840AV IF I keep the "Monitor" control panel set to 'thousands" of colors and
not "millions." Good luck!