Re: ATI Mach64 Video Cards

Rob Fleetwood (
Tue, 3 Oct 95 14:40 EST


Funny you should ask. While Tiger Direct said yesterday they'd have
to back order, what should appear in my office today but the Captivator
card! So, apparently they are still extant. Maybe you should try them
if you want another... Glad to hear you're happy with yours. I'll
know if I am later tonight!

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:>> I just purchased a Captivator (if you're speaking of the one made by
:>> VideoLogic) for $89 from Tiger Direct (1-800-888-4437). They said
:>> they had them back-ordered and I'd have it in "about a week".
: I've heard the about-a-week story for a few months now.
: I talked to a video logic salesman and they don't make them any more
:but will have a replacement board in a few months.
: So if you do indeed receive the board please notify us all.
: [i did manage to get one of the last captivator boards and am using
:it and am quite happy with it. I wanted to get another and that is
:when I started getting the 'about a week' runaround]