Re: Is it me, my PC or CuSeeme?

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Greg, audio at 28.8 is poor at best. You need a high speed connection like
ISDN for decent audio.
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Date: Tuesday, 03-Oct-95 02:13 PM

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Subject: Is it me, my PC or CuSeeme?

Hello all,

My platform is a Pentium 100 MHz., 28.8 modem, latest version of
CuSeeme, no camera at this time.
I have installed the software per the Readme files and have had some
assistance from members of this mailing list. I still have one big problem.
You guessed it, the audio.

I have tried reconfiguring my cuseeme.ini file for delta-mod and dvi
. I have frozen picture on the monitor, I have tried direct connects, I have
configured and reconfigured my sound card( ATI Mach64 ), and I have talked
to God. It appears his chances of talking to me are greater through the
astral plane than through my 28.8 modem running CuSeeme.

Hey folks, I really want this to work for me. Any and all input will
be tried - ball peen hammer to the PC excepted. Can anyone give me a little
more input. The most audio I have gotten is broken. In my original cuseeme.
ini file, the encoding method wasn't even there under audio settings. Is
something missing besides my intellectual capacity to fully implement the

Many, many, many thanks in advance.


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