Re: Adult Content -Reply

Tom Creedon (
Tue, 03 Oct 1995 21:20:35 -0700

I don't see the reason to add more code into the application.
Software exists that is a more general solution to the problem.
Instead of every piece of software implementing some parental control
scheme just use SurfWatch like software. The function of the software
is to restrict to which IPs kids can connect. One central way to
control your kids access to internet content is better than having to
learn each applications version of parental control. Also it prevents
kids from ever getting to the IPs the parent has selected in the first


>>> Martin Stoufer <> - 10/3/95 8:16 PM >>>
Following up on a previous idea,
Configure a CUSM client to "seek-out" a specific data string
when connecting to a reflector site. The client would be password
enabled/disabled (By mom and dad) to allow such stuff to pass
through or not.
I see nothing that is stopping the next reflector release to
implement the sending out a specific data stream whenever requested
by a remote client. If not that, have the site send it out every n-K
of data sent out. The kiddies may be able to connect, but only for a

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