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To all it might concern,

Ok, there are a lot of reflector lists around.
You can get them from Cornell, from Mr. Sattler etc.
But there is one problem concerning these lists, they are not all up
to date. Some reflectors are no longer public, some reflectors
are 'out of the air' and new reflectors keep coming all the time.

Example: what happened to eden it's now 'out of the air' for more
than a week.

Almost everyday a newbe has a question about where he can get a
descent reflector list.

Now we here have a mailing list of about 1900 people who use
CU-SeeMe on a regular base. All those users should have some IP
adresses of refelectors they use on a regular base.

So lets start a reflector list ourselves.

I am a frequent CU user and have a list of more than 35
reflectors which are usable more or less on a 24 hours base.
My total list of reflectors is much greater, but most of them i seem
not to get connected to. So they are not open regularly.

I will check this list on a regular base so it keeps up to date.
I will also add new reflectors to the list if i find them.

So I propose I send this list through the CU-SeeMe maillist.

So if anybody has reflector IP adresses send them to me.
I will check them a few times and add them to the list. They will be added
afther a week, so we certainly know this new reflectors are there
24 hours a day.

I'll make a second list with reflectors which are not publicly
available, but are meant for special purposes.
Reflectors for scientific experiments, reflectors for educational
experiments, adult reflectors etc.
On this list I'll make a description of the reflector's purpose and
a contact person (email) or web page which contains information how to
get access to this reflector.

This updated list will be posted every week.

So send me (or put them on the mail list) those names with IP
adressses for public reflectors and make a description of those private
reflectors you know.

The list is attached to this mail.
It's a tab delimited text file, which can directly se used in CU for the
Mac, containing:

Reflectors name
IP adress
"s" or "n" for send
"r" for receive

If PC users and Mac users can agree I'll make the list in any form you wish.
Send in comments. I'll publish the list on a democratic base.
The list will be published as most users who send in comments want it.

There are two restrictions.
If i do not get any new IP adresses from the people who are on this list in the
first few weeks I'll stop.
If i do not get enough reactions on this message, that means that you are
not interested and i want do it.

It's a hell of a job but somebody has to do it.

Give me your comments.

Luc Volders

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alias AArNet Queensland s r
alias Burning Man s r
alias CMU ARPA n r
alias CMU GSIA n r
alias Cornell n r
alias Cornell exp. s r
alias IDS n r
alias KVR n r
alias Melbourne Univ s r
alias Nantucket Island s r
alias Nasa Johnson n r
alias Nasa Lewis n r
alias Nasa Lewis 2 n r
alias Nasa Marseille n r
alias Nasa Marshall
alias Nasa (ostfold coll) n r
alias Nasa Select n r
alias Nysernet n r
alias Race n r
alias Rouira Spanje s r
alias Servernet n r
alias Streak n r
alias The Point s r
alias Univ. Indiana s r
alias Univ Iowa n r
alias Univ Kansas s r
alias Univ Kent n r
alias Univ Ohio s r
alias Univ Pennsyl s r
alias Univ Singapore s r
alias White Pine Alter s r
alias White Pine Main n r
alias White Pine Unic s r

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