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Ian Carr-de Avelon (
Wed, 04 Oct 1995 09:34:20 +0100

At 21:20 3-10-95 -0700, Tom Creedon wrote:
>I don't see the reason to add more code into the application.
>Software exists that is a more general solution to the problem.
>Instead of every piece of software implementing some parental control
>scheme just use SurfWatch like software. The function of the software
>is to restrict to which IPs kids can connect. One central way to
>control your kids access to internet content is better than having to
>learn each applications version of parental control. Also it prevents
>kids from ever getting to the IPs the parent has selected in the first

How effective is this type of software anyway? How old are the children you
want to protect? If the parents have set a password for adult CU-SeeMe, many
14 year olds might be far more able to load a new copy of CU-SeeMe than the
parents were in the first place. Even if it is at the PC communication
layer, kids would soon be circulating floppy disks in schools with the
software to quickly install and then remove: drivers winsocks etc. (If
people will smuggle drugs for kid's pocket money, somebody will program this).
I don't see this type of system being effective, unless it is done at the
provider end of the link. I am not sure that CU-SeeMe would be the
technology chosen by pornographers. The immediacy may appeal to flashers,
but the viewers would probably prefer high quality MPEG (and other bodies).
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