Re: PC Video Boards ?$? please advise

Juanda Ismail (
Wed, 4 Oct 1995 21:07:34 +1000

Hi !,

One PC video board that we've used successfully is the Aztech Labs, Video
Galaxy. (It's currently on the compatibility list as an "un-tested" board.
)If you wish to view the images caputured through this board, we have a snap
shot at;

The last picture on this page used the Video Galaxy. (Window title
"Mag-Net@Royal") BTW, this image was transmitted through a 28.8K modem.

Video Galaxy is one of the cheapest available, I believe. We paid $284
(Australian dollars).



>Hi all !
>Could someone please point me at recent list of pc video capture boards
>which are compatible with CU SEEME. I already have an ATI Video-IT but it
>isn't compatible. If anyone can recommend the cheapest reliable pc board I
>would appreciate that info as well.
>Thanks in advance,
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