Mac 8500

Richard Cogger (
Wed, 4 Oct 1995 09:30:24 -0400

There have been several messages like the following from Mark Williams:

"We tried to get CU-SeeMe running on a Mac 8500/120 today but had problems
- the PPC version would quit during launching (type 1 error message). We
also tried the 68K version on the powermac but this would freeze after it
had lanched and the windows had appeared. Do you have any ideas as to what
we may be doing wrong or is this a known problem? I noted that you were
not sure there would be an issue with the 7500 & 8500 PowerMac video in
the changes history read-me."

We now have an 8500 here (and a 7500), and indeed, there video input device
is not recognized by CU-SeeMe. Also, as reported elsewhere, the new IP
stack that comes with the PCI Mac's, Open Transport, does not work with
CU-SeeMe (and presumably other UDP apps, if any) via the MacTCP
compatibility facility. We are working on adding native OpenTransport
interface to CU-SeeMe, but it's not working yet.

I've heard that folks have been able to pull OpenTransport and retrofit
MacTCP and get CU-SeeMe to work, with a QuickCam or in RO mode, but we
havn't verified that here.

Cheers, -Dick