RE: Adult Content -Reply

Bill Oatman (
Wed, 04 Oct 95 09:44:00 PDT

The main problem with SurfWatch and other products like it, is that more and
more reflectors (and WWW pages for that matter) open up every day. It is
not possible for the parents or the makers of SurfWatch (who will provide a
'up to date' listing of adult IP's for a fee) to keep up. Having CU handle
the issue would not cause a significant increase in the code and would help
the parents keep a little control over what their children get into on the
net. If a generic mechanism is created someday that would accomplish this,
great. Until that day it is up to the applications.

<<Thomas@PDX,OR USA>>

I don't see the reason to add more code into the application.
Software exists that is a more general solution to the problem.
Instead of every piece of software implementing some parental control
scheme just use SurfWatch like software. The function of the software
is to restrict to which IPs kids can connect. One central way to
control your kids access to internet content is better than having to
learn each applications version of parental control. Also it prevents
kids from ever getting to the IPs the parent has selected in the first