RE: Adult Content

Steve Rogers (
Wed, 4 Oct 1995 12:01:43 -0500

> From: Roger Conrad <>
> I think Cornell should immediately include pattern recognition capability
> into CU-SeeMe. This way parents could configure it for certain body
> parts that they don't want their children to see. . . .

This is a step in the right direction - controlling the computer itself
or the phone is *way* too crude, when man-years can be spent trying to
control the socket and IP addresses in an effort to preclude the *possibility*
of an unwanted event.

Lots of people are sinking effort down the rat-hole of trying to figure
out a way to combine freedom with precluding the *possibility* of an
unwanted exposure to information. I think this is about as likely as
writing code to preclude the possibility that a child will ever be
the target of a flasher on a public sidewalk. Any system requires the
cooperation of both parties, and I suspect that the people who advocate
this as a "problem" are not interested in voluntary cooperation. I
don't think these schemes will keep the censors off the net. The only
way to preclude the possibility of the event is to stop generating the
information - and that is what the censors really want. The only way
to stop the censors is to question their premise that exposure to
various kinds of information is a public concern. Naked bodies is
certainly NOT the extent of the information the concerns the censors.