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Sgt Daniel W. Erskine (
Wed, 4 Oct 1995 13:09:08 -0500 (CDT)

Let's address the "adult material" from a security prospective. First
of all, let's keep in mind that your basic family unit with an internet
provider usually go through a company with a policy of "ACCOUNT PASSWORD
SECURITY"! New concept those of you who don't use the internet at work, huhn?
Here's my issue. Most parents don't give their kids the credit card like
the do the keys to their family car. If they did, they shouldn't be too
surprised if a few 1-900 numbers "magically" appear.
Secondly, I believe that Congress should give internet providers the
control over securing the adult material. This might look like certain
locations requiring 2 forms of identifcation. Possibly providing users
with the ability to password protect against certain news "forums" and to
the internet as a whole.
Lastly, why doesn't anybody have a problem with their children watching
"Red Shoe Diaries" late Thursday and Friday nights? Aa-aa-aa-aah... so
that's why your kids are so-oo-oo happy to go to bed early those nights!?!
It's self-explanatory, folks!!! Your friendly, neighborhood newsstand
is required BY LAW to refrain from selling adult material to your
children; but your cable company is not (unless you use channel blocking,
of course). If you're of the large group of "un-(COMPUTER)-educated"
users, and are not so concerned with your child's level of "freedom" over
the internet; then don't take away from ME my level of internet freedom!!!

I suppose I might get flamed for my views. If you feel so inclined,
that is your "internet right". Please flame me at my NetCom account
only. There's no need to make my co-workers, friends and staff pay for
my beliefs. <==Thank you!
Am I alone in these thoughts? Let me know as I enjoy INTELLIGENT
conversation on this topic.

Thank you for your time.

"THERE IS NO SANITY... Just organized CHAOS!!!"

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