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Rene Madsen (
04 Oct 95 16:41:02 EDT

Roger Conrad > wrote:

> I think Cornell should immediately include pattern recognition capability
into CU-SeeMe.
> This way parents could configure it for certain body parts that they don't
want their
> children to see. If, for example, CU-SeeMe detected a breast (god forbid)
coming through
> the data stream it could cut off the connection!

Well spoken Roger. And could we then take this discussion to an approprite
forum such as
or whatever. It certainly has nothing to do in a technical mailinglist for a
front edge product.

While at it, I'd like to contribute to the technical point myself with a

I've got a FAST FPS 60 screen capture card that I use to edit home movies
with. I've tried to use
it with cu-seeme but so far without luck.

The program starts up without problems, and defaults to "I will send video"
i.e. it recognizes that
the computer is able to send video. The capture card works fine with Adobe
Premiere so it's
configured correctly.

The problem is that all I get in the cu-seeme monitor is a gray mess. Any
ideas what is going