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Tom Creedon (
Wed, 04 Oct 1995 17:13:07 -0700

Why not have SurfWatch and other similar software block all IPs and
only connect to the ones that have been approved by whoever. I'm not
sure if SurfWatch actually works this way now but it sure would be
easy for it to work this way. Instead of a block feature it would be
a pass feature.


>>> Bill Oatman <> - 10/4/95 9:44 AM >>>

The main problem with SurfWatch and other products like it, is that
more and more reflectors (and WWW pages for that matter) open up
every day. It is not possible for the parents or the makers of
SurfWatch (who will provide a 'up to date' listing of adult IP's for
a fee) to keep up.

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