Re: Is it me, my PC or CuSeeme

D.Stark (
Wed, 04 Oct 1995 21:03:23 -0400

> The problem with the audio seems to be a recurring theme, I can
>send and recieve audio but I am blessed with an ethernet connection to my
>reflector. When your bandwidth is limited there are certain things you
>need to do.
> 1) Use delta mod (16 kbs) at 100ms (even at these settings it will
>use 20kbps, lurkers on macs need v0.83b2 to do this, I dont use a PC)

Can somebody tell me how to set delta-mod with CUSM for Windows? I
don't find this option anywhere. It appears that there are several CUSM
options that exist for the Mac but aren't repeated in the Windows version
and this is one of them.

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