Reflectors Listing(s)

John Becker (
Thu, 05 Oct 1995 07:52:36 EDT

I agree with Luc Volders: the reflector lists go out of date
very quickly; newbies are constantly asking for a list; and
there's a lot of work keeping the list reasonably current.

Fortunately, I have done some of the work myself already.
What I have at this point is all of the reflectors of which
I'm aware entered into Paradox for Windows database. From here,
I export a tab-deliniated text file that I then import into
Word 6.0 and run a macro. The macro generates three files:

cusseme.mac ; The Mac version "alias" entries
; plus the information fileds
; similar to the msattler list
cuseeme.mru ; The IBM version that's the
; same except that it has the
; Target entries instead of alias
cuseeme.mrs ; This has ONLY the Target lines
; for the [MRU List] section in
; the cuseeme.ini file AND these
; are ONLY the sites that I have
; found responding recently

For the IBM version, you could use either the cuseeme.mru or
cuseeme.mrs in your cuseeme.ini file, but the application scrambles
the entries/infor when it writes it back, so the .mrs file is better.

Also note that the IBM version has the NAME of the reflector following
the IP. Thus far I have had no problems with this approach. The program
reads only the first parameter on the TargetXX= line. So this way you
have some idea where you're going, and it's faster than using the
DNS name since DNS doesn't have to translate -- and some reflectors
don't have a DNS entry. The apllication only reads and saves (writes
back) the first 48 characters of the Target line, do long names can
get truncated.

Also note that the application can only load the first 100 targets
in your .ini file. This was another reason why I went to the shorter
list of active_only reflectors. They amount to about 68 as I recall.
On the full-information lisitngs, the "active", that is responding,
reflectors have an '*' character before the name. The whole thing is
sorted by reflector name. I tried by those most visited, most active,
most recent -- the alphabet if the only thing that makes sense!

At the moment, you can get copies of the current listing in two ways:

1) 'finger' from a UNIX system gets you
the Mac bersion of the "CUSeeMe Nicknames" file.

2) 'finger' from a UNIX system gets you
the two IBM verisons. I have patched the short list onto the long
list. Sorry, you'll have to do some editting anyway.

3) A way may be found to stick this on a web page later for those of
you who don't have finger access.

Finally, I'd be glad to join forces with Luc in this effort. I try to
make the rounds of the reflectors on my list maybe once a week to see if
they're up. So, one person would not have check them all. However, at
this point, I'm just indicating that I agree with the idea.

Over and out.

John Becker
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