Waste of time-Adult Content Monitoring

PAUL SLIWA (PSLIWA@gw.paradyne.com)
Thu, 05 Oct 1995 09:05:12 -0400

Waste of time-Adult Content Monitoring

What a joke. Very funny Roger...

I think the whole idea of this "Adult Content Censoring" is a waste of time. Kids will get their dose of porn, whether
it be soft or hardcore, from the abundant supply already widely avail. Have you tuned into MTV lately?

The CuSeeMe programmers are busy enough, I'm sure. The last thing they are going to tackle is a "pattern
recoginition capability". And Roger's statement about it taking a "couple of days" makes me believe that Roger has
yet to write a line of code in his life :). Let's get real here. Do you realize what you are asking for? They are having
enough of a time developing color capable alorithms and now you suggest pattern recognition. I think this sounds
like a good idea in theory but we should hold off on making suggestions this far reaching and deal with realistic
issues and suggestions.

Let's all remember that the beauty of the Internet is it's ungoverned operation. I honestly believe that if a child/teen
has the brains to get CuSeeMe up and running and might possibly view a breast or other body part, then they most
certainly can jump into one of the hardcore alt.sex newsgroups and download an image that would make Manson

I am not a porn peddler or care much for it but I DO NOT care to see the morals and family values police jumping on
this wonderful new technology. Sorry about the length of my post, I get ticked about people monitoring everything.

Roger - What's the "god forbid" part on seeing a breast?

BTW, I now have a Reveal TV300 running on a 486/100mhz. If anyone would like any assistance in setup, email me
directly at pstan@ix.netcom.com

Paul Stanley

>>> Roger Conrad <rconrad@tmn.com> 10/04/95 10:51am >>>
I think Cornell should immediately include pattern recognition capability into CU-SeeMe. This way parents could
configure it for certain body parts that they don't want their children to see. If, for example, CU-SeeMe detected a
breast (god forbid) coming through the data stream it could cut off the connection!

I know that this might take even the CU programmers a couple of days to incorporate, so in the mean time, I
susggest that parents sit down next to their kids and spend some quality time surfing the net together. This way, if
the parent detects a forbidden pattern coming across the screen, they can break the connection themselves. I
know that this is alot to ask of the parents (spending time with their kids is tough duty) but hey, it will only be a few
days before the great CU programmers include pattern recognition, right???