Re: CUSM client for unix(SunOS/Slolaris)

Juanda Ismail (
Fri, 6 Oct 1995 01:36:17 +1000

G'day Mike,

I'm looking for the same answer your question; Just like to say that we
experienced similar problems. We slowed the transmission rates down to about
the speed of the modem (20kbps) , and got a clearer picture(ie no grey
tiles), however, the frame rate was still very poor (0 to 1 fps).



>We are setting up cu-seeme on a wan and are getting very slow frame rates
>although are transmission rates are very high 80-150 kbits/sec. We are using
>the reflector program on an hp 9000. What are we doing wrong? frame rates
>are generally 0 -1 with 8-bit encapsulated mode. Thanks for help.
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