Help w/ PowerMacAV Con.

John Cox (
5 Oct 1995 11:45:35 U

I installed CU-SeeMePPc0.80b1 on the following:
PowerMac 6100/60AV,8 Meg real Ram, RamDoubler to 16Meg, MacOS 7.5+
QuickTime 2.0, Sony Hi8 Camcorder, ARA 2.0+, MacTcp 2.06,14.4KBPS modem to
company ARA dial-in modem which is connected to the net.

I can display video locally but I can't connect to any of the reflectors in
the Event guide or ones listed in this cu-seeme mail list. Locally everything
opens and seems fine (my local video, slides, audio). I've tried connecting
at various times of day and I've tried every 24Hr reflector I have seen
referenced (over 20 different ones). I leave the conference ID set to 0, and
all I ever get is "No Response" when I try to connect.

I also tried CU-SeeMe.68k0.80b2 on a mac connected to a dedicated 56K line and
got the exact same, "No Response" message. That mac has the following
MacIIx, 4 Meg real Ram, RamDoubler to 8Meg, MacOS 7.1, QuickTime 2.0, MacTcp
2.06, EtherPortII ethernet connection to hub/router to 56K frame-relay
connection to company backbone which is connected to the net.

I'm looking for ideas that any of you may have on what I'm doing wrong. Is it
possible that my company's backbone is a problem for CU-SeeMe? How about
Apple Remote Access (ARA) is it ok with Cu-seeMe? I use Netscape, Fetch, FTP,
and other TCP/IP clients seemlessly in both of these mac configurations.

Help! I've run out things to try!

thanks in advance for your assistance - john