"Snowstorm" with VBSE200 (win)

Chris Hand (cph@dmu.ac.uk)
Thu, 05 Oct 1995 17:16:44 BST

We have a VideoBlaster SE200 running on a 50MHz 486 PC,
using version CUSeeMe 0.70b1 under Windows 3.1.

Sending seems to work OK, *except* the video sent (and
displayed in the local window) has "speckles" all over
it, which appear and disappear at random. The overall
effect is that it looks like it's snowing here in the lab!
Incoming video is unaffected.

Has anyone come across this before? I scanned the HTML
archives of this mailing list as best as I could without any
searching facility, but found nothing.

The speckles look like they might be 8 pixels across
and 1 pixel high, so maybe the card is randomly losing



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