cu-seeme on 28.8kb modems

Oliver A. McBryan (
Thu, 5 Oct 1995 11:44:24 -0600

I'm using cu-seeme (.83b2) on 28.8kb modems (for example USR MAC&FAX) on
MACS (eg Quadra 840AV) running MacSLIP 2.0.6 and with a Quickcam and a
mike. Is there an FAQ somewhere that helps with configuration? Currently
I find video is fine but audio is very spotty. Generally only one party is
on a modem, with the other on a fast network. Besides optimal CU-SeeMe
settings, I'm interested also in related settings such as SLIP settings
(such as MTU) or even modem parameters.

I've of course read the materials on the FTP site at Cornell, but these are
limited. Does the commercial version offer advantages for modems?

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