Re: FW: SGI reflector 4.0b3 SCREWED.... (fwd)

Brian O'Shea (
Thu, 05 Oct 1995 14:18:09 -0400

>Ok, here's the scoop. It wasn't up last night because it crashed with a bus
>error. Anyhow, its up right now and im transmitting.

And, herin lies the problem. You have 2 applications vying for the same UDP
port. This will not work the way you would want it to!

You must have started the reflector first, since it exits when it gets a bind
error. NV does not exit, but does give you the following error:

recvfd: bind: Address already in use

So, now NV and the reflector are attempting to send and receive using the same
UDP port number with the same IP address.

The NV and reflect applications MUST be on different hosts in order for them
to communicate succesfully.


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