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Connectix ships QuickCam for Windows; First digital camera for Windows Computers
for $99
SAN MATEO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 4, 1995--Connectix Corp. today began
shipping QuickCam for Windows and Windows 95.

QuickCam is the first digital video camera that plugs directly into a
Windows-based computer, allowing home and business users to easily make instant
snapshots and videos with their computers.

Available in time for the holidays at an estimated retail price of about $99
(US), QuickCam is the easiest and most affordable way to add image and video
input to a Windows-based PC. Users simply plug the QuickCam into the standard
parallel port of virtually any PC.

`Simple digital video imaging is the next major wave in how people will
experience their computers,` stated Roy McDonald, CEO of Connectix. `Emerging
technologies such as video on the World Wide Web and videoconferencing require a
low cost, desktop video input solution. Connectix has made it easy and
affordable.` Easy Installation

No longer do Windows users have to add boards or modify hardware configuration
settings to take advantage of video input. QuickCam is powered by a pass through
connector from the keyboard port so no additional plug is required. It is as
easy to install and use as a mouse.

QuickCam includes all the necessary software to let users begin taking pictures
and making movies immediately. QuickPict allows users to capture still photos in
formats that can be used with virtually any Windows application that supports
graphics (BMP or TIFF formats). QuickMovie provides basic video recording and
playback features, and a screen-saver module is included. Hundreds of Uses at

In less than a year on the market, QuickCam for Macintosh has become the best
selling image input device on that platform. Customers have found hundreds of
creative and practical uses for QuickCam. `I was amazed at how I was able to
install the QuickCam in a couple minutes, and was immediately able to take
pictures of friends and business colleagues,` says John Baxter, a QuickCam
customer from Pennsylvania. `I'm planning to use it to `visit' over the Internet
with old friends who've moved out of town. Every time they see themselves come
to life on screen they smile.`

Other uses include creation of visual World Wide Web pages, video mail
composition, and the creation of standard Video for Windows movies (AVI files)
for presentations, multimedia documents and video prototyping.

As a still camera, QuickCam takes quality snapshots in 64 shades of gray for use
in any Windows-generated document such as newsletters, personal letters and
creative announcements. QuickCam can also be used for low cost videoconferencing
either on a local area network or over the Internet. Connectix recently
announced the formation of a new software applications group which will shortly
publish additional titles to take advantage of the QuickCam for both Windows and
Macintosh. Technology Behind QuickCam

QuickCam's ease of use, high quality, and low cost are a result of its
proprietary direct digital design. Unlike older video cameras, the output from
QuickCam's CCD imaging chip is never converted to an analog video signal such as

As a result, QuickCam for Windows does not require users to install a digitizer
board. Picture quality is enhanced because no image interpolation, analog
compression, analog conversion or other artifact-producing techniques take
place. Automatic controls for brightness and contrast make it versatile for use
in any setting. And, because the output is not tied to a particular analog
standard or power plug type, QuickCam works without modification anywhere in the

The QuickCam for Windows design is an enhancement of the award winning,
best-selling QuickCam for Macintosh. In its first six months, QuickCam for
Macintosh has outsold all other available video input devices. `The market
response to the low cost and ease of use has been phenomenal,` said McDonald.
`Millions of Windows users are upgrading to Windows '95 and looking for new ways
to use their computers. QuickCam offers a whole new world for them to explore
this holiday season.`

QuickCam for Windows provides both still and video images at up to 320x240
pixels in size with 64 shades of gray. Still image quality is better than
average newspaper reproduction. Video images typically are captured at 15 frames
per second or more, enough to provide true video quality. Pricing and
Availability Throughout the U.S.

Connectix is shipping QuickCam for Windows immediately. QuickCam for Windows
carries an estimated retail price of US$99. Weighing about 4 ounces, the
QuickCam package includes the black and white digital camera, QuickMovie and
QuickPict software and Microsoft Video for Windows runtime software. It will be
sold through Connectix's wide distribution channel at over 6,000 retail
locations, including CompUSA, PC Connection, Computer City, and Micro Center.

Note to Editors: Founded in 1988 and based in San Mateo, Calif., Connectix Corp.
designs, manufactures, distributes and publishes award-winning personal
computer enhancement products. The company's flagship products include QuickCam,
RAM Doubler, Speed Doubler, and Connectix VideoPhone. For more information,
contact Connectix at 800/950-5880, 415/571-5100 or fax 415/571-5195. The company
can also be contacted via AppleLink or America OnLine at `Connectix` and
CompuServe 75300,1546.

QuickCam, RAM Doubler, Speed Doubler, and Connectix VideoPhone are trademarks of
Connectix Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their
respective holders. -0- Ideas for Using Connectix QuickCam -- Turn your PC into
a video phone with Connectix VideoPhone -- Mail a floppy disk-based video --
Star in your own screen saver -- Watch a flower bloom with time lapse videos --
Update your resume -- Email a video to an old college roommate -- See in the
dark -- Make a photo collage -- Dress up your desktop -- Take snapshots with
your portable -- Verify inventory -- Add pictures to your holiday letters --
Guard your office -- Watch over things while you're away -- Monitor the baby --
Keep a video diary -- Prove your spouse snores -- Put your child in the
director's chair -- Create a family tree using pictures -- Make training movies
-- Add pictures to your contact database -- Karaoke -- Film an animation -- Add
impact to your presentations with a live demo -- Punch up your newsletter --
Sell your house or car -- Video dating -- Create moving videos of models instead
of using 3D software

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CONTACTS: Connectix Corporation Don Pickens, 415/571-5100

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