SurfWatch Responds (was RE: Adult Content...)

Tom Creedon (
Thu, 05 Oct 1995 15:30:45 -0700

Monica Worline, Director of Operations for SurfWatch was kind ennough
to respond about SurfWatch's features.

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To: Tom Creedon <creedont@ohsu.EDU>
From: (Monica Worline)
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>Why not have SurfWatch and other similar software block all IPs and
>only connect to the ones that have been approved by whoever. I'm not
>sure if SurfWatch actually works this way now but it sure would be
>easy for it to work this way. Instead of a block feature it would be
>a pass feature.

Our software does have the capability to function in this fashion. The
problem comes, however, in deciding who will determine the sites that are
let through. Most parents and teachers using the software don't have time
to use the Internet enough to rate all of the sites and decide which are

SurfWatch is committed to providing tools that allow people to filter the
information they see on the Internet without losing access to all of the
great educational and informational uses of the Net. We believe that the
majority of content on the Net is NOT explicit; and therefore we currently
provide a tool that allows full access to Internet resources with the
exception of sites that contain sexually explicit content. In order to
keep this as a useful tool, we have people using the Internet all the time
to keep up with the new sites that pop up.

If you know of a situation in which someone would like to block access to
all but a few Internet sites, please contact with a
request for a custom use of the software.

Thanks for your interest in SurfWatch -
Monica Worline
Director of Operations
SurfWatch Software Inc.
105 Fremont Avenue, Suite F
Los Altos, CA 94022
(415) 948-9500

>Thomas@PDX,OR USA
>>>> Bill Oatman <> - 10/4/95 9:44 AM >>>
>The main problem with SurfWatch and other products like it, is that
>more and more reflectors (and WWW pages for that matter) open up
>every day. It is not possible for the parents or the makers of
>SurfWatch (who will provide a 'up to date' listing of adult IP's for
>a fee) to keep up.
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