RE: Reflectors Listing(s)

Howard Meister (
Thu, 5 Oct 1995 18:27:34 -0700

>Very good! On this same subject - I once designed some cgi scripts using
>perl that allowed a community of people to add their own hotlinks to a
>shared database through a web browser. It worked well and saved people
>from emailing new web sites as they found them to everyone individually.
>Sort of a replacement for the bookmarks page in Netscape or Mosaic. I
>could fairly easily modify that to accommodate a reflector list and give
>people the ability to add their own reflector when they put it up. You
>could add a reflector in a particular category (we would have to determine
>the categories) and there is a function that displays new entries across
>the board. We could write a script like someone mentioned before to check
>the sites on a regular basis and expire those that are not responding
>after several attempts. We could also include what you have mentioned
>here by giving options to download the latest list. If there is interest
>in this I will work on it and post the url. I only have a ppp 28.8
>connection so the website would eventually have to be posted on a better
>site but for development it is fine.
>Let me know by mail or post...

I would be happy to have the page at my address. My provider allows me to
have pages and 5mb of storage for free. I have almost nothing there now so
there is plenty of space. If you are interested let me know and we can
work out the details.