Re: [?] a proposal [?]

Franz Peter SEILER (
Fri, 6 Oct 1995 02:34:45 -0200


> I'm getting about 30 or so messages a day from the various CU-SeeMe
> lists. I would like to be able to identify in the subject line to
> which platforms the messages are related. For example...
> This is a message about CU-SeeMe on the Macintosh [M]
> This is a message about CU-SeeMe on Windows [W]
> This is a message about CU-SeeMe on Unix [U]
> This is a general message. [?]

This seems to me to be a good idea. Maybe we could put it not AFTER
the subject but BEFORE: e.g.
Subject: [M] Problems with CUSM on Mac...

Additional information could be coded like:
[A] for Audio
[V] for Video
[R] for Reflector
[T] for Talk

What do you think?

Franz Peter

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