SUN problems

Rick Collins (
Thu, 5 Oct 1995 23:16:48 -0230

I've inherited a barely used SUN Sparc 5 that I can use as my MBONE =
interface for our CUSeeme reflectors. All our UNIX-type systems are =
LINUX and I didn't have anything available to run the MROUTED within our =
shop. Wheelin' and dealin' got me the Sparc.

Now, if I could only get some of these apps to work. MROUTED ain't =
doin' it. Any SUN types got any ideas? I've managed to link NV p-2-p =
but that, I assume, was because I can unicast but not multicast. The =
multicast port is "alive" at SD doesn't do anything for me? =
Could it be missing code or incorrect version? OP SYS is 4.3.

I've also got WABI 2.0 Did I hear someone on this list saying that were =
able to run CUSeeme through WABI? How did you make the WINSOCK apps =

I'd really appreciate some SUN help. The UNIX gurus I have around seem =
a little out of league when it comes to this Sparc.