Re: Reflector list

John David Lauer (
Thu, 5 Oct 1995 22:17:56 -0400 (EDT)

OK, hold on. I can just make my web page of reflectors submittable. I
can use a lot of the cgi-bin's that I've created to do this. Then its
not as much work. I can eventually make it so people can delete the
reflector they submitted in case its gone. I can also write the PERL
script to check reflectors every so often. Actually I'll probably do that
with Vis C++ since I've already created a lot of WINSOCK encapsulation

This will take a while, considering my busy schedule. But I can work on
it. So for now I could go along with Luc's offer to manage a list. But
eventually it should be an automated web site. And what better site than
The Event Guide.


On Wed, 4 Oct 1995, Luc Volders wrote:

> To all it might concern,
> Ok, there are a lot of reflector lists around.
> You can get them from Cornell, from Mr. Sattler etc.
> But there is one problem concerning these lists, they are not all up
> to date. Some reflectors are no longer public, some reflectors
> are 'out of the air' and new reflectors keep coming all the time.
> Example: what happened to eden it's now 'out of the air' for more
> than a week.
> Almost everyday a newbe has a question about where he can get a
> descent reflector list.
> Now we here have a mailing list of about 1900 people who use
> CU-SeeMe on a regular base. All those users should have some IP
> adresses of refelectors they use on a regular base.
> So lets start a reflector list ourselves.
> I am a frequent CU user and have a list of more than 35
> reflectors which are usable more or less on a 24 hours base.
> My total list of reflectors is much greater, but most of them i seem
> not to get connected to. So they are not open regularly.
> I will check this list on a regular base so it keeps up to date.
> I will also add new reflectors to the list if i find them.
> So I propose I send this list through the CU-SeeMe maillist.
> So if anybody has reflector IP adresses send them to me.
> I will check them a few times and add them to the list. They will be added
> afther a week, so we certainly know this new reflectors are there
> 24 hours a day.
> I'll make a second list with reflectors which are not publicly
> available, but are meant for special purposes.
> Reflectors for scientific experiments, reflectors for educational
> experiments, adult reflectors etc.
> On this list I'll make a description of the reflector's purpose and
> a contact person (email) or web page which contains information how to
> get access to this reflector.
> This updated list will be posted every week.
> So send me (or put them on the mail list) those names with IP
> adressses for public reflectors and make a description of those private
> reflectors you know.
> The list is attached to this mail.
> It's a tab delimited text file, which can directly se used in CU for the
> Mac, containing:
> "alias"
> Reflectors name
> IP adress
> "s" or "n" for send
> "r" for receive
> If PC users and Mac users can agree I'll make the list in any form you wish.
> Send in comments. I'll publish the list on a democratic base.
> The list will be published as most users who send in comments want it.
> There are two restrictions.
> If i do not get any new IP adresses from the people who are on this list in the
> first few weeks I'll stop.
> If i do not get enough reactions on this message, that means that you are
> not interested and i want do it.
> It's a hell of a job but somebody has to do it.
> Give me your comments.
> Luc Volders

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