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david a. schlussel (
Fri, 6 Oct 1995 09:59:24 -0400 (EDT)

you need to have the multicast patches for the kernal to view the mbone,
which is what is needed to view the mbone. either a netsearch for mbone
or a link from my home page will take you to those patches. To view the
mbone you will also need a tunnel from a local mbone provider, and, since
it looks like you're in cali and I'm in michigan, that wouldn't be me.

however, if all you want is to be able to use nv and vat to view cu-seeme,
you don't need mrouted, mbone, or sd. you need to have a reflector with
the NV-UC-PORT and VAT-UC-PORTs set to something, mine are 4444 and 3456
respectively. 4444 allows people to connect nv to my reflector without
specifying the port number.

I have outlined some of the problems I ran into doing this on my
homepage, feel free to use this information any way you wish.

Good luck, getting mbone on this sparc5 running sunOS413u1 was my first
UNIX task and it took me a while, i made some stupid errors that i'll try
to remember the solutions to if you mail the errors to me.

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On Thu, 5 Oct 1995, Rick Collins wrote:

> I've inherited a barely used SUN Sparc 5 that I can use as my MBONE
interface for our CUSeeme reflectors. All our UNIX-type systems are
LINUX and I didn't have anything available to run the MROUTED within our
shop. Wheelin' and dealin' got me the Sparc. >
> Now, if I could only get some of these apps to work. MROUTED ain't
doin' it. Any SUN types got any ideas? I've managed to link NV p-2-p
but that, I assume, was because I can unicast but not multicast. The
multicast port is "alive" at SD doesn't do anything for me?
Could it be missing code or incorrect version? OP SYS is 4.3. >
> I've also got WABI 2.0 Did I hear someone on this list saying that
were able to run CUSeeme through WABI? How did you make the WINSOCK
apps work? >
> I'd really appreciate some SUN help. The UNIX gurus I have around
seem a little out of league when it comes to this Sparc. >