Re: "nv"/ CUSeeme internetworking

Brian O'Shea (
Fri, 06 Oct 1995 10:55:43 -0400

>Just wondering if anyone can give me some IP addresses of some public CUSM
>reflectors where CUSeeme is known to work with "nv". I tried getting
>"nv" to work on an SGI a couple of weeks ago, tried several reflectors,
>but couldn't get connected to anyone with CUSM, and could not even get
>any video out of NASA TVs (I have switched to CUSM encoding, small screen
>and greyscale). I cannot get any video, nor get anyone to see myself.
>Just wondering whether it's some bug in the current version of reflector
>software or incorrect setup..

Incorrect setup. The reflector has a file called reflect.conf. You use it to
"configure" the reflector. If there isn't a line of the form:


Then you will not be able to connect to it using NV. As a limited time offer,
I've configured a reflector at with an NV-UCAST of 4444. I've
got an nv running from a sun doing an X11 screen grab, and a MAC with video
capture sending video to it. (I'm the worker bee...)

The command:

nv -encoding cuseeme 4444

ought to work for you.


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