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Jan Engvald LDC (Jan.Engvald@LDC.lu.se)
Fri, 06 Oct 1995 17:31:06 +0100

>Are you going through a modem or a fast network ?
>>Hey Windows users, not sure about your audio
>>try ForLund-l.video.lu.se or

The IP nr for ForLund-l.video.lu.se is, which is
a reflector. You are welcome to connect to it to test slow
speed audio and video (we use maxcap 8 kb/s video + delta mode 21 kb/s
audio with 100 ms buffers).

But PLEASE do not connect to, that is the sending Mac
and there is noone there to answer or refuse the connection and that
may cause the service to stop.

>saw some good video and surprizingly GOOD Audio
>this evening (2:45pm. CST) guy was talking
>about TICKS, couldn't understand him but
>that's what was in his video, A BIG UGLY

The speach (in swedish) was on biologic evolution and what you saw
was fossils and paintings of them.

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