Re: Actual Shipment of Quickcams

William (spline@SIRIUS.COM)
Fri, 6 Oct 1995 14:28:04 +0000

On 6 Oct 95 at 15:11, Michael Langdon wrote:

> I saw an announcement on the list saying that Connectix was shipping
> their Windows product. Can anyone confirm that they are indeed
> shipping and the mail orders houses will have them in a day or two??
> Mike
I spoke to Connectix and was told that they shipped them
out like on 10/4 and that the Stores would have them within
three weeks time.
Best bet to acquire one was through PC Connection.
The first shipment was to go to PC Connection.

I, like a DOLT, have placed an order through Comp USA
a Month ago.........hmmmmm.

Dats all da data I got on de subject.