Re: "handles" words ending in "me", "ame", or "name"

Charlie (
Fri, 6 Oct 1995 16:50:17 -0500

At 11:07 PM 10/5/95 PDT, you wrote:
>This is probably an FAQ but I couldn't find it: Why do so many senders and
>choose as their "handles" words ending in "me", "ame", or "name"? Is this
a code of
>some sort? Thanks for any insight. -JRG

I believe that this happens because the software defaults to have "Your Name"
in the name field and people just don't blank out the end of the field when they
change it to their own handle. The older versions, I think, used to default
to "TOM SERVO" and you got (and still sometimes get) a lot of Tom Servos on
the list.