Re: Actual Shipment of Quickcams

Joe Jadus (
Fri, 06 Oct 95 15:08:13 -0500

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Date: Friday, 06-Oct-95 03:11 PM

From: Michael Langdon \ Internet: ( To: CU- \ Internet: (

Subject: Actual Shipment of Quickcams

I saw an announcement on the list saying that Connectix was shipping their
Windows product. Can anyone confirm that they are indeed shipping and the
mail orders houses will have them in a day or two??


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Hi Mike,

I have had QwickCam on order for several weeks now. Each time I call to
ask about a delivery date it gets pushed up a week. I called today and I
was told the release date was supposed to be 10/13. A sales rep at PC Zone
has told me that the original ship date for QwickCam for Windows was in
August. Hope I get mine before Christmas.