NV Questions.

Michael Sweger (swegerm@baileys-emh5.army.mil)
Fri, 06 Oct 95 12:59:45 EDT


I've downloaded NV3.3beta from fp.parc.xerox.com. I'm using the
X-server s/w for Windows called exceed with the 256 color driver.

I've tried to connect to nysernet.org, piney.wpine.com and
pro60-test2.cit.cornell.edu which are popular sites. I will not
be sending any video just receiving. At this point the audio
doesn't have to work.

The setups are:

Solbourne SUNoS OS/MP 4.1.2
no video frame grabber and audio.
OpenWindows v3.0
No Motif stuff

Port#: 4444 default
chan: 32 default
TTL: 16 default
selected: grey for receive/send
selected: cuseeme or nv for encoding.


a) Are these sites by your knowledge accepting NV connections?
If not, what network addresses are?

b) Is this the typical default port that nv uses? If not, for
sites that accept nv where do I get the port numbers?

c) Is the default chan the same as the conference id for CUSEEME?
I've tried setting it to 0 (zero) and still no video.

d) What does the TTL stand for?

e) selected grey instead of color and played with the encoding
cuseeme and also the nv but nothing happened?

f) The scrollable menu doesn't have anything in it. How do I get
my sites in it? What is the unix filename, format and the location
of this file for entries to appear in this box?

g) If a site is sending black&white and my nv is set to color will
it display the video in black&white vs. just nothing?

h) Is the encoding cuseeme/nv selection only used for sending
or is it for receiving only? Therefore, if a reflector site
only sends cuseeme and I'm set at nv I may not receive video
until I select cuseeme encoding menu selection.

i) Where is the $HOME site for the VAT software? We are planning
in the future on getting a Sun 4 or 5 or 20. I assume that
nv doesn't have any audio s/w built in and needs this

j) Is there a piece of s/w that goes along with nv that has the
slide and talk windows that the MAC uses?


Thanks frederick@parc.xerox.com on the "can't handle this type of
display" error. After installing the svga 256 color drivers the
nv window came up along with the menus.

The reason I can't lookup hostnames via a DNS is that nv is
compiled to use NIS (per your email).
I have modified our BSD libc and installed
the BIND s/w available from the internet. However, I haven't
modified the SYSV libc which is still setup to use NIS or the
hosts file. Some precompiled s/w from the net was specifically
compiled with the SYSV libraries or if I compile it will use the
SYSV libraries and not the BSD ones and therefore will have
hostname DNS lookup problems till I get around to modifying the
SYSV libraries so that they use BIND.
Therefore, I'll have to activate a connection with
nv by specifying the network address and not the name. Sigh!

Thanks in advance. :-)

Mike Sweger