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>Connectix ships QuickCam for Windows; First digital camera for Windows
> for $99
>SAN MATEO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 4, 1995--Connectix Corp. today began
>shipping QuickCam for Windows and Windows 95.
>QuickCam is the first digital video camera that plugs directly into a
>Windows-based computer, allowing home and business users to easily make
>snapshots and videos with their computers.
>Available in time for the holidays at an estimated retail price of about $99
>(US), QuickCam is the easiest and most affordable way to add image and video
>input to a Windows-based PC. Users simply plug the QuickCam into the standard
>parallel port of virtually any PC.
>`Simple digital video imaging is the next major wave in how people will
>experience their computers,` stated Roy McDonald, CEO of Connectix. `Emerging
>technologies such as video on the World Wide Web and videoconferencing
require a
> low cost, desktop video input solution. Connectix has made it easy and
>affordable.` Easy Installation
>No longer do Windows users have to add boards or modify hardware configuration
>settings to take advantage of video input. QuickCam is powered by a pass
> connector from the keyboard port so no additional plug is required. It is as
>easy to install and use as a mouse.
>QuickCam includes all the necessary software to let users begin taking
>and making movies immediately. QuickPict allows users to capture still
photos in
> formats that can be used with virtually any Windows application that supports
>graphics (BMP or TIFF formats). QuickMovie provides basic video recording and
>playback features, and a screen-saver module is included. Hundreds of Uses at
>In less than a year on the market, QuickCam for Macintosh has become the best
>selling image input device on that platform. Customers have found hundreds of
>creative and practical uses for QuickCam. `I was amazed at how I was able to
>install the QuickCam in a couple minutes, and was immediately able to take
>pictures of friends and business colleagues,` says John Baxter, a QuickCam
>customer from Pennsylvania. `I'm planning to use it to `visit' over the
> with old friends who've moved out of town. Every time they see themselves
>to life on screen they smile.`
>Other uses include creation of visual World Wide Web pages, video mail
>composition, and the creation of standard Video for Windows movies (AVI files)
>for presentations, multimedia documents and video prototyping.
>As a still camera, QuickCam takes quality snapshots in 64 shades of gray
for use
> in any Windows-generated document such as newsletters, personal letters and
>creative announcements. QuickCam can also be used for low cost
> either on a local area network or over the Internet. Connectix recently
>announced the formation of a new software applications group which will
>publish additional titles to take advantage of the QuickCam for both
Windows and
> Macintosh. Technology Behind QuickCam
>QuickCam's ease of use, high quality, and low cost are a result of its
>proprietary direct digital design. Unlike older video cameras, the output from
>QuickCam's CCD imaging chip is never converted to an analog video signal
such as
> NTSC or PAL.
>As a result, QuickCam for Windows does not require users to install a
>board. Picture quality is enhanced because no image interpolation, analog
>compression, analog conversion or other artifact-producing techniques take
>place. Automatic controls for brightness and contrast make it versatile for
>in any setting. And, because the output is not tied to a particular analog
>standard or power plug type, QuickCam works without modification anywhere
in the
> world.
>The QuickCam for Windows design is an enhancement of the award winning,
>best-selling QuickCam for Macintosh. In its first six months, QuickCam for
>Macintosh has outsold all other available video input devices. `The market
>response to the low cost and ease of use has been phenomenal,` said McDonald.
>`Millions of Windows users are upgrading to Windows '95 and looking for new
> to use their computers. QuickCam offers a whole new world for them to explore
>this holiday season.`
>QuickCam for Windows provides both still and video images at up to 320x240
>pixels in size with 64 shades of gray. Still image quality is better than
>average newspaper reproduction. Video images typically are captured at 15
> per second or more, enough to provide true video quality. Pricing and
>Availability Throughout the U.S.
>Connectix is shipping QuickCam for Windows immediately. QuickCam for Windows
>carries an estimated retail price of US$99. Weighing about 4 ounces, the
>QuickCam package includes the black and white digital camera, QuickMovie and
>QuickPict software and Microsoft Video for Windows runtime software. It
will be
>sold through Connectix's wide distribution channel at over 6,000 retail
>locations, including CompUSA, PC Connection, Computer City, and Micro Center.
>Note to Editors: Founded in 1988 and based in San Mateo, Calif., Connectix
> designs, manufactures, distributes and publishes award-winning personal
>computer enhancement products. The company's flagship products include
> RAM Doubler, Speed Doubler, and Connectix VideoPhone. For more information,
>contact Connectix at 800/950-5880, 415/571-5100 or fax 415/571-5195. The
> can also be contacted via AppleLink or America OnLine at `Connectix` and
>CompuServe 75300,1546.
>QuickCam, RAM Doubler, Speed Doubler, and Connectix VideoPhone are
trademarks of
> Connectix Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their
>respective holders. -0- Ideas for Using Connectix QuickCam -- Turn your PC
>a video phone with Connectix VideoPhone -- Mail a floppy disk-based video --
>Star in your own screen saver -- Watch a flower bloom with time lapse
videos --
>Update your resume -- Email a video to an old college roommate -- See in the
>dark -- Make a photo collage -- Dress up your desktop -- Take snapshots with
>your portable -- Verify inventory -- Add pictures to your holiday letters --
>Guard your office -- Watch over things while you're away -- Monitor the
baby --
>Keep a video diary -- Prove your spouse snores -- Put your child in the
>director's chair -- Create a family tree using pictures -- Make training
>-- Add pictures to your contact database -- Karaoke -- Film an animation --
>impact to your presentations with a live demo -- Punch up your newsletter --
>Sell your house or car -- Video dating -- Create moving videos of models
> of using 3D software
>--30--mg/sf.. css/sf
>CONTACTS: Connectix Corporation Don Pickens, 415/571-5100
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