[W] difficulty with CUSM on Windows 3.1

Serge Ecoiffier (serge@turner.lamf.uwindsor.ca)
Sat, 7 Oct 95 15:24:21 -0400

I've managed to get a little further than the usual 'nobody home' message
with a couple of reflectors. However, it still doesn't connect. Keep
getting the following message:

InitOpenRequest()-gethostbyname() - Error (11004)

or the following variation:

InitOpenRequest()- gethostbyname()- Error(11002)
followed by
error using spedivied IP address, hostname or alias

I.m on a 386DX40 with CirrusLogic video
BOCAram 14.4
8Mb ram
Windows 3.11
CU-SeeMe W0.70b1
with a CSLIP account

My problem might be the HOSTS file?

Would appreciate any and all help. Thanks in advance...