Re: problem

Oliver A. McBryan (
Sat, 7 Oct 1995 15:05:25 -0600

At 10:13 AM 10/7/95, British School of Bastards wrote:
>My own video screen is blank, the coomunication is very slow and I get no sound
>I have a Pentium 90, Windows 95, 8Mb RAM, 14.4kbaud modem, SLIP connection
>(Winsock) and a Video Blaster card.

This mailing list seems to be flooded by items of this sort. The online
CU-SeeMe documentation at Cornell (ftp to makes it clear
that CU-SeeMe will not work at 14.4Kb. The lowest speed sound supported is
16Kb. If people would read the documentation the mail list could be
quieter. (The lack of local video could be due to lack of a camera - you
did not mention having one).

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