RE: PrimeTime TV vidcap card WORKS

Randy Rathbun (
Sun, 8 Oct 1995 19:56:29 -0500

thanks for the comments!

Couple things to try: =20
#1 - What video mode are you in? I am running 1024x768x256. I have =
not been able to get the card to show video when I am in 1280x1024. =20
#2 - I take it you are seeing TV okay?
#3 - Windows CU-SEEME only works in 160x120.
#4 - Seeing black lines is good. it means you are almost there! Here =
is my start up procedure:

a. I am using a camcorder which sends on NTSC channel 3. =20
b. The first thing I do is start the PrimeTime TV application, and =
switch to channel 3. Close PrimeTime TV
c. NOW start CU-SeeMe
d. If you have a picture, good! you are set! If not:
1. Click File|Video Format. Set the image dimensions to 160x120, =
Image format to 8 bit Palettized
a. If you have an imagage, good! =20
2. Click File|Video Source. Select TV/Tuner, then click SECAM, then =
click NTSC.

You should now have a video image! Apparently, there are still a few =
bugs here to work out, but once you get a picture, the rest is gravy!

From: C. Nevins[]
Sent: Sunday, October 08, 1995 7:33 PM
To: randy@
Subject: Re: PrimeTime TV vidcap card WORKS

Is there anything you forgot to tell us? I checked out your home page =
ran out to buy this card. After many frustrating hours I've just about =
up. I did everything your've mentioned and no luck. I also tried every
conceivable set up option. All I get is a blank white screen in =
All the other features of the board work fine with other software and I
enjoy watching TV on my screen. The only thing I can get CUSEEME to do =
send black lines if I go to 512X384, 160X120 just shows blank white =
Seems like CUSEEME will remain a Mac product. Last revisions did not =
anything for Windows and no added support for any other boards to date. =
one last ditch effort is the Quickcam I ordered but I doubt it will work
because of the 4--6 bits problems CUSEEME has.

>I bought the PrimeTime TV vidcap card ($199US at CompUSA) about a month
ago. So far, it seems to work very well. Only problem I have found, =
and I
suspect it is with CU, is that you have to switch between NTSC and =
to get the picture when you start CU. =20
>This card also works well under Windows95. So far, it does NOT work =
WindowsNT 3.51
>For some more info on this, check my web page at
>BTW, I also have a list of reflectors on there. They are scanned once
every two weeks to see if they
>are still active.