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Tom Creedon (
Sun, 08 Oct 1995 20:58:17 -0700

As far as I've gathered CU-SeeMe doesn't work currently with the 7500,
8500 and 9500 out of the box. As I recall, several days ago a message
was sent to this list detailing instructions on how to get CU-SeeMe
working on the x500 series of PowerMacs. I've had CU-SeeMe work on
other PowerMacs like the 7100 and 8100 for example. My impression is
that the problem only existed with the latest crop of CPUs released by


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So anyway, you said that CU-SeeME does not work on the PowerMacintosh
Does it work on _any_ powerMacs? Are there any other Macintoshes
that it won't run on?


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