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Mon, 09 Oct 1995 16:22:44 +0100

Dear All,
I am still hoping that our colleagues from down under will be
prompted to post the URL with all this information. What I have is the
specification of the DOS version and the documentation which it states is
based on "the source of NV by Ron Fredrick at Xerox Parc
<>. The documentation is in 3 parts:
Net Video, which describes the program structure.
RTP, which describes the packets.
CU-SeeMe video, which describes how a packet is decoded to a block of pixels.
All together there is 17 pages of A4, including diagrams. There are
lots of requests on this list for some information on how it all works, and
not many answers. If I am the only one who loaded this, and nobody can find
the original site I am not sure what to do. Maybe scan it all and put some
huge JPEGs on an FTP site somewhere.

At 09:42 9-10-95 PDT, Bill Oatman wrote:
>Hello Ian:
>In your recent post to the CU mailing list you stated:
> >I recently found the information I downloaded about this again. The
>>DOS system is receive only, it is written by Glenn Archer who I remember
>>at an Australian University. The most interesting thing was the
>>documentation, which explains how the encoding works.
>Could you please tell me where I might find this package. I am particularly
>interested in the documentation about the CU encoding.
>Bill Oatman

> I recently found the information I downloaded about this again. The

.where can I find the info you d/l'd?


--paul-- paul sentner
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