RE: sound cards

Carlos Labastida (
Mon, 9 Oct 1995 14:01:46 -0500

any full-duplex PCMCIA card? are any of you using one of these cards to =
use Iphone? thanks.

Carlos Labastida
McAllen, TX

From: John D. Lauer[]
Sent: Monday, October 09, 1995 9:46 AM
Subject: Re: sound cards

=B7 Acer S20
=B7 AdLib ASB 16 Audio System
=B7 Ensoniq Soundscape Elite in Win95
=B7 Ensoniq Soundscape in Win95
=B7 Gravis UltraSound Max
=B7 Spectrum OfficeF/X
=B7 Turtle Beach Tropez
=B7 VocalTech CatBOARD
=B7 Diamond Sonic Sound w/ Aria DSP

=B7 All SoundBlaster Cards
=B7 Gravis UltraSound

-John Lauer
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At 06:32 PM 10/5/95 -0400, John Kit wrote:
>Any duplex sound cards for pc's out there? This waiting for the
>other user to finish speaking before I can use the mic is killing me.