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Keith E. McInnis (mcinnis@atlantic.net)
Mon, 09 Oct 95 19:41:53 -0500

I'm unclear about the audio capabilities of CU-seeme, I don't have video
send capability on either of my Mac's (IIvx and 520c) but both can send
AUDIO and of course recieve video. Is it possible to use CU-seeme to
recieve video and send/recieve AUDIO? If not, is it possible to use
CU-seeme in an "AUDIO send/recieve only" mode?
I have NetPhone (but have yet to use it to talk to anyone because I've
no one to talk to with it :( ). It appears that CU-seeme is in much
wider distribution and might be a better choice as well as being
upscalable as I aquire more/ newer hardare capability.