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marshall katz (
Tue, 10 Oct 95 08:52:13 EST


Your idea is a good one. The 2% response may be, in my opinion,
due to the number of users who aren't fully using their CU-SeeMe
yet (based upon reading all the number of problems people are having
and reported in this group). I guess I'm in that boat too. I'm
waiting on Connectix' QuickCam which I now read won't work with
CU-SeeMe. So I haven't gotten to first base either, therefore, I have
no reflectors to send to you. My guess is that others are in the same
boat. Thank you for the idea and willingness to help others.

Respectfully, Marshall...

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Subject: Reactions to proposal
Author: at SMTPLink-Fmso
Date: 10/9/95 2:56 PM

To all it might concern,

On 4 October I posted a message containing (brief description) the
following suggestion:

There are a lot of reflector lists going around. Not all of them are
up to date. Not everybody knows how to get these lists.
We have here on this mailing list about 1900 people who are using
CU-SeeMe. So why don't we make our own reflector list and
post it regularly to this CU mailing list. Surely 1900 people
must have some IP adresses of reflectors and we can help newbies with it,
avoiding questions like: does anybody knows where to get reflector lists.

So I offered to maintain the list and post an up to date version every week
or so, depending on the information I would get from you, but i had to get
co-operation from you all.
I wanted from you: - new IP adresses of refelectors
- information about old reflectors (which ones
are out of the air)
- comments


Ok so you have not heard from me since than. What happened ?
Well I thought to myself I'll just sit back and wait. Surely I will get
hundreds of messages or more, reacting to this proposal. So I'll wait a
complete week with reacting to the mail I will get on this.
Afther this week I will read all the relating mail and take conclusions.
The week is over and here it is:

First of all I want to thank everybody who replied to my proposal.
Even better: all the reactions were positive.

But I have to one thing in consideration:

>From the 1900 people who are on this mailing list I received a total
of 21 reactions. That is less than 2%

So there are several conclusions possible:
- People are not reading their mail
- CU users are not really interested in a reflector list
- Subscribers do not know how to react on a posting in this mail service

It might just be that the majority of the subscribers is using CU on an
irregular base. These users have one reflector they use all the time, and
are not interested in any new reflectors.

One other conclusion is also possible: Some might not understand what the
heck this is all about. So they don't care.

So what's the conclusion:

If I start sending a regular reflector list update throught the CU mail list
and indeed 98% of the subscribers don't care I will annoy most of the readers
who subscribe to this list.

If I do not go ahead with this project, you might all think I was bluffing
and just trying to get IP adresses of new sites from you......

I have a few ideas about how to get the list divided in permanent
reflectors, and reflectors which are not online all the time.
Further if reflector maintainers are willing to send additional information
about the purpose of their reflectors this will be appreciated.
For instance: there are reflectors on which you can only join if you are
invited. Please give the information how the potential users can get
information how to be invited (www pages, e-mail adresses etc).
Further I am thinking of posting 2 lists: one for mac users and one for PC
users. Versions that you can use directly with CU.
All this is a hell of a work..........

Further: the list will not be censored:
Reflectors who will broadcast 'adult material' will be added to the list.
Referring to the previous sentences: additional information from the
owners/maintainers of the reflectors are welcome.
I will mention these 'special' reflectors in the mail so you can delete
them if you do not want anything to do with this.

Now how to go on:

- I will post a new reflector list based on the information I got
during this last week. It will be posted by the end of this week
or the beginning of next week. I owe that to everybody who is
interested, and replied to my mail.

- I am willing to go on with this project provided that everybody
who might have the slightest interest will post me a message
so I know I am not annoying 98% of the readers with useless information.

For those who do not know how to react here is the mailing adress

You can contact me directly by sending mail to:

Or post a general message on the CU-SeeMe mailing list :

I can also sometimes be found at the #CU-SeeMe conference in IRC chat (undernet)
where I am NOT using a nick name (I have nothing to hide) but my real name: luc
And of course I will be surfing reflectors: so wave if you see me.

I personally think that the list would be of interest to all CU
users because the famous reflectors like White Pine's, Cornell's,
The Point and Eden (hope not to insult anybody because his name is not included
now) are getting more crowded all the time and contacting them is getting
worse each day.
So the more IP adresses are available, the more chance people get for testing
purposes or just getting some projects around this GREAT internet
application working.

At last still one word to the guy's and girls at Cornell and White Pine:
Thanks and keep up the good work.

Hope to hear from you soon,

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Luc Volders