cusm reflector, nv and vat

Dwight E. Spencer (
Tue, 10 Oct 1995 11:09:02 -0300 (ADT)

I've successfully gotten nv working with cusm encoding, and a cusm
reflector (on However, vat's audio is not coming through to
the cusm clients, and vice versa. cusm clients use intel DVI for their
audio by default, and support ulaw, linear and a (new) "alpha"-mod

vat sends in pcm by default, and I've switched it to all three dvi
versions supported, and still audio does not come through

i edited my sd entry to include idvi as the audio format. Still no audio
going between vat and cusm however. The cusm clients (1 client out of 2,
and the cu-reflector) do appear, to an extent, in vat's userlist.

80: NV-MC-PORT 50751
82: NV-MC-IN
86: NV-MC-OUT 63
97: VAT-MC-PORT 48294
103: VAT-MC-OUT 63
110: VAT-CONF-ID 4959

cusm:// (

any suggestions?
dwight s.
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