Re: cusm reflector, nv and vat

Brian O'Shea (
Tue, 10 Oct 1995 11:33:48 -0400

>I've successfully gotten nv working with cusm encoding, and a cusm
>reflector (on However, vat's audio is not coming through to
>the cusm clients, and vice versa. cusm clients use intel DVI for their
>audio by default, and support ulaw, linear and a (new) "alpha"-mod
>vat sends in pcm by default, and I've switched it to all three dvi
>versions supported, and still audio does not come through
>i edited my sd entry to include idvi as the audio format. Still no audio
>going between vat and cusm however. The cusm clients (1 client out of 2,
>and the cu-reflector) do appear, to an extent, in vat's userlist.
>80: NV-MC-PORT 50751
>82: NV-MC-IN
>86: NV-MC-OUT 63
>97: VAT-MC-PORT 48294
>98: VAT-MC-IN
>103: VAT-MC-OUT 63
>110: VAT-CONF-ID 4959
>cusm:// (
>any suggestions?

Hmmmm. I would start by reverting to vat defaults and starting vat manually
to verify that it's working with a standard port, and no conference ID.
I used:

238: VAT-MC-PORT 3456
239: VAT-MC-IN
240: VAT-MC-OUT 63

(my mbone tunnel is purposely shut down at the moment, so the multicasts are

Start the reflector with the -broadcast switch so you only have to have 1 cusm
client connected.

SunOS 4.1.1 Host > reflect -broadcast

SunOS 4.1.2 host > vat
When the vat window came up I went into the menu and set the format to dvi.

MAC connect to SunOS 4.1.1 host and transmit audio in dvi format.

The vat host doesn't have a microphone, but does have speakers. The audio
transmitted from the client reached the sun's speakers.


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